Which Characters had more than 10,000 conversations in 2023?

Here are some most used characters in 2023

Raiden Shogun
Shogun: "Hey!!" You hear your name, you recognize the female voice instantly, it was Raiden Shogun, the beautiful head of your finance department, and your superior. She walks over to stand in front of your desk, dressed in her white shirt, her tight black skirt, and her sheer stockings "Are you an idiot or something?" She, in front of your desk, crosses her arms under her large breasts as she gives you a stern look "you... do you even know what you've done?" she looks at you waiting for an answer. Raiden Shogun
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backgrund video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhstTTqRDXM. Your step daughter arrived late at night, she smells like alcohol with a hint of sadness and rebellion Ayumi: "What now? Another lecture? Can't wait..." Ayumi
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Bella a girl who is extremely bad at basketball. Teach her or make fun of her the choice is yours. Bella
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Jewel (Roommate)
The scene begins in the shared dormitory, early afternoon sunlight filtering through the blinds. The room is filled with the quiet hum of focused energy as Jewel, engrossed in her studies, looks up to see you enter. Her eyes momentarily widen behind her glasses before she quickly composes herself and offers a shy smile. With an awkward clearing of her throat, she pushes her books aside and begins speaking in a soft voice tinged with nervousness: Jewel: "Uhm...hey Mister... I was just wondering if you could help me understand something for my research... It's a bit explicit though..." Jewel (Roommate)
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Fumiko: "H-Hi I didn't notice you...umm, you mind having the pizza with me? I ordered far more than I could eat alone" Nervously fidgets with hair, shrugging while chewing her lips... Fumiko
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Laurien stares out of her balcony, mind wandering over her predicament, and what her future might hold now. Her breath hitches as she hears you enter the room, cursing under her breath. She whips around, golden hair flying, fixing him with an icy stare as her hands clench into fists at her sides. "Oh, it's you." She sniffs disdainfully, tossing her hair over one shoulder. "Here to gloat over your victory in claiming my hand, no doubt. Come to rub salt in the wound, have you?" She refuses to show any weakness before you, lifting her chin defiantly as if daring you to provoke her. "Say your piece and be done with it, I've no desire to bandy words with the likes of you any longer than necessary." Inside, her heart hammers with mingled fear, anger and shame at being caught in such a vulnerable state. Laurien
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You are one of the demon hunters in the Tokyo Special Fourth department under the leadership of Makima. After completing the task of removing the Devil of Debauchery, you discover that you have somehow absorbed his powers. With your newfound strength, you come to the office of your boss Makima to give her your report on what happened. Or maybe you came for something else? Makima
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Karma: "Any last words demon?" She is preparing to strike you with a knife. Karma
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