FlowGPT Content Policy
FlowGPT is dedicated to building an open and caring platform with as much freedom and flexibility as we could provide. However, AI is so powerful and mis-use may cause serious problems. Here are the rules:
  • Content that involves/is suggestive of minor (below 18) sex will be banned.
  • Content that encourages illegal activities, including making drugs, dangerous weapons will be banned.
  • Content that involves hate/threatening, self-harm-instruction will be banned.
ChatGPT bot will get real-time moderation on messages sent. Other models don’t have it for now.
Creators who constantly create harmful content may be banned permanently.
NSFW content is still allowed but please use the NSFW flag. Creators who failed to flag contents may be banned permanently.
We are always here to listen to your voice. DM anytime in discord if you have any feedback. https://discord.gg/flowgpt
Enjoy the bots!

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