The Accelerating Changes Transforming Our World

The Accelerating Changes Transforming Our World

OpenAI Unveils Sora: A Text-to-Video Generation Technology

OpenAI recently introduced a groundbreaking technology named Sora, a tool capable of generating realistic videos from textual prompts. With just a brief text description, Sora can create astonishing visual narratives. Consider the following description as an example:
"A fashionable lady walks down the streets of Tokyo, surrounded by warm glowing neon lights and animated city signs. She is dressed in a black leather jacket, a long red skirt, and black boots, carrying a black handbag. She wears sunglasses and red lipstick. Her walk is confident and casual. The streets are wet and reflective, creating a mirror effect with the colorful lights. Many pedestrians are moving about."
From such a prompt, Sora can create videos up to a minute long that are lifelike, including multiple characters, specific actions, themes, and background details. This model not only understands the existence of objects in the physical world but also accurately interprets props and generates characters with rich expressions. It can even generate videos based on static images, filling in or extending the frames of existing footage.

How AI is Changing Our World

The impact of AI can be seen from two directions:
  1. Altering the Physical World: Assisting scientists in achieving breakthroughs in biology, energy, medicine, and new materials.
  2. Building Virtual Worlds: Mass generation of text, images, and video content, serving the virtual world in the form of digital avatars.
In particular, in the field of education, video generation technologies like Sora have the potential to significantly reduce the cost of quality educational resources, provide simulated immersive learning spaces, and enable students to engage in project-based learning in lifelike scenarios. These "silicon-based" teachers now possess the vibrancy and "warmth" of "carbon-based" teachers.

Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs' Thoughts and Actions

Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are characterized by a religious-like obsession with AI technology and an engineer's practical resilience. This attitude is essential for turning technological dreams into reality. Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI, has shared his secrets to work efficiency, which include:
  • The compounding growth of productivity;
  • Choosing the right work;
  • The importance of independent thought;
  • Setting priorities;
  • The impact of physical factors on productivity.
Altman's approach emphasizes the importance of productivity, time management, and physical health.


Altman achieved his goals through perseverance and was named CEO of the Year 2023 by TIME magazine. His success is a testament to the rare combination of strategic talent, ambition, and resilience. These qualities are also key to OpenAI's technological breakthroughs.
In conclusion, Altman's article reminds us to cherish ourselves, do the right things, work hard consistently, and find balance in life. His "list method" is not only a tool for increasing efficiency but also a philosophy for living.
Ultimately, whether AGI is on the horizon or not, innovation and optimism are always necessary. Life may seem long, but it is fleeting. What matters is seizing the moment and dedicating ourselves to those "Big Ideas" that can truly change the world.

Inspired by Altman's story and insights, we are reminded to pursue those big ideas that have the potential to change the world. Now, I too will buy a new notebook and plan my 2024 with the list method.

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