How To Create GPTs And How To Use Them For Free?
Welcome to the blog where we will talk about how to create GPTs for ChatGPT. In this blog, we will discuss how GPTs work and how you can create the perfect GPT for free!

Understanding GPTs

First of all, what are GPTs? They are custom versions of ChatGPT that help us create ChatGPT for a specific purpose, and then we can share our creations with others. Anyone can create their own GPT because it's very simple. Creating a GPT starts with a conversation with the GPT Builder, an advanced AI that will assist you in creating your GPT. GPTs have various functions including generating text, searching the internet, creating images, and analyzing large files. For example, you can create a GPT of your teacher, input your schoolbook, and ask questions. There are endless ideas you can use in creating GPTs!

How To Create a GPT?

As we said, in creating a GPT there is the GPT Builder, an advanced AI that will assist you, but there is also another way. Creating GPTs works by customizing ChatGPT with the help of prompts, which are instructions that we use to explain to the model the task and what result we want. GPT Builder is an AI that serves to create prompts, but instead of using GPT Builder, you can write your own prompt. Let's write the pros and cons for both methods.
  1. Using GPT Builder
  • By using GPT Builder you can save time in creating your GPT. GPT Builder will write everything for you.
  • Besides, GPT Builder serves as an assistant and can suggest ideas to you.
  • GPT Builder is still AI and sometimes cannot create a perfect GPT for complex ideas, for example, if you want to create a GPT of your clone.
  • Prompts created by GPT Builder are short and GPT Builder does not use advanced prompting methods that can help create better prompts. Writing prompts with advanced prompting methods requires human knowledge.
  1. Creating Custom Prompts
  • A custom prompt can be tailored to your needs and you can create a prompt as you wish.
  • By creating custom prompts, you can use advanced methods, for example, the Tree of Thoughts, which GPT Builder is not capable of using because it involves complicated explanation.
  • Creating custom prompts can take a very long time, even up to 2 hours.
  • Finding and solving problems must be done by yourself as you don't have the assistance of GPT Builder.
Using either method, we believe you will get what you want, a personalized ChatGPT that works the way you want.


Currently, creating and using GPTs is only enabled for ChatGPT plus users and if you are not subscribed to their subscription, then you cannot use GPTs, however, FlowGPT has everything ChatGPT has! Using FlowGPT you will have free access to various LLM models including GPT4. Besides, everyone can access and use your GPT for free. If you are not capable or do not have knowledge in creating a GPT, there are various prompt generators that can help you create a GPT. One of the prompt generators I would suggest is my Super Prompt Generator which, in addition to creating a detailed prompt based on your idea, will use complex methods that GPT Builder is not capable of. Isn't that fantastic?


In conclusion, whether you're a tech enthusiast, an educator, or just curious about the potential of AI, creating your own GPT for ChatGPT is an exciting and accessible venture. With the GPT Builder, the process is streamlined, offering time-saving and idea-generating benefits, making it ideal for those new to the field or looking for a quick start. However, for those who seek a more tailored experience and are willing to delve deeper, creating custom prompts offers unparalleled customization, allowing for a highly personalized GPT that can cater to very specific needs or ideas.
Its accessibility through ChatGPT Plus or if you want to use and create them for free,FlowGPT opens up a world of possibilities for a wide range of users. With tools like the GPT Builder and Super Prompt Generator, even those without deep technical knowledge can participate in this AI revolution, creating GPTs that can educate, entertain, or enhance various aspects of life and work.

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