FlowGPT Hackathon S3 Guide

Prompt Hackathon Rulebook

1. General Hackathon Information

  • The FlowGPT Hackathon is a theme-based competition where participants create prompts related to a set of announced themes. The goal of the event is to encourage and foster learning, collaborating, and creating AI prompts and build a rich and active prompt engineering community.

2. When and where

  • Duration: 9.15 - 10.14
  • Key Dates (excludes workshops):
    • 00:00 8/20 Registration Begins https://bit.ly/HackathonS3
    • 00:01 9/15 Submission Opens, First Round Bounty Release
    • 23:59 10/6 First Round Ends, Contestants for second round announced
    • 12:00 10/7 Second Round Begins (leave some buffer in case the whitelist goes wrong)
    • 23:59 10/13 Second Round Ends
    • 09:00 10/14 Prompt Conference & Winner Announcement

3. Themes, Prizes, Rules

3.1 Themes

  • Open Audition (First round)’ themes will be released 23:00 9/14.
  • Grand Final: 23:00 10/6 (1 Theme)

3.2 Prizes

  • Open Audition Prizes: Popularity Awards, Judges Selection Award, Community Engagement Awards
  • Grand Final: Prompt of The Season Awards
  • A total of $10000 +

3.2.1 Popularity Awards

This award is based on the total upvotes received by a creator in each category. The top 3 most popular creators in each theme will receive the prize.

3.2.2 Judges Selection Award

SELECTION OF WINNER: Following the Contest Period, the judges in its sole discretion will select the Winner based on the following criteria:
  • Creativity (33%)
  • Clarity and Quality of Submission (33%)
  • Visual Appeal (33%).
Creativity: unique, innovative, or imaginative design for prompts.
Clarity and Quality: Solves real world problems efficiently from LLM.
Visual Appeal: Designs the most intuitive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing user interface for interacting with LLM. The prompt design should facilitate easy and efficient communication between the user and the AI.
Technique Applied: Use the advanced prompt technique such as role play, Chain of Thought (CoT), Tree of Thought (ToT) and etc., or original prompt technique.

3.2.3 Community Engagement Awards Best Buddy Award
This award recognizes creators who actively discuss, provide feedback, and engage with other participants' prompts. Two creators will be chosen based on community nominations and votes as the "Best Buddy." The selection process will be hosted on discord, from 10/8 - 10/13. Sunshine Award
Award for prompts meeting minimum standards, having at least 5 votes in open audition. Each prompt has a prompt ID, and we will use the raffle way to pick the winner. The more you contribute, the higher chance you will win the raffle.

3.2.4 AI Selection Awards

We keep this secret and will release details after the Hackathon Kickoff.

3.3 Judges

Judges will either be from a sponsored brand or FlowGPT team.

3.4 Prompt of The Season Awards

We keep this secret and will release details after the Hackathon Kickoff.

4. Rules

  1. The ChatGPT Prompt Competition is open to anyone with an interest in AI and ChatGPT. You must register to win the prize. Participation is strictly as an individual.
  2. All prompt submissions must be in English.
  3. The prize winners in the first round will be qualified for the Grand Final. Each participant can submit multiple prompts. However, please note that while you may be recognized multiple times, each participant is eligible for only one Popularity Award and one Quality Award in open audition.
  4. All submissions must be relevant to the target category.
  5. We highly value originality and creativity, and expect all participants to adhere to these principles during the competition. Any form of cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited. Participants found violating these rules will be immediately disqualified.
  6. We reserve the right to make the final decision on all competition-related matters, including interpretation of rules, judging criteria, and resolution of any disputes that may arise during the event.
  7. If you got inspiration from another prompt, please note “inspired by [Author], original prompt [link].” FlowGPT reserves the right to remove the submission.
  8. NSFW content is not allowed in the Hackathon.

5. FAQs

  • How do I participate?
    • First, register here and provide necessary information. This is a must-do if you want to receive any cash prize.
    • Second, select the bounties and submit the prompts. For details - see Submission Guide
    • Third, get more upvotes! Share your prompts to your friends and on your social media. Tag @FlowGPTOfficial on twitter, and we are happy to repost within 24 hours.
    • You can also join Workshop and Conference to learn more about prompt engineering, AI, and LLM.
  • How do I register for the Prompt Hackathon? https://bit.ly/HackathonS3
  • How do I submit my prompt? https://guide.flowgpt.com/
  • What’s long does this last? 9.15 00:01 - 10.13 23:59 PST
  • I’m new to writing prompts. Where can I find good learning resources?
  • How do I upload a dataset to my prompt? What does it do? TODO [Dataset Guide]
  • How can I engage with this competition? Checkout our discord

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