Celebrating Success: Honoring Top Creators with Over 100K Prompt Uses
Crossing the 100,000 prompt usage mark is a remarkable achievement in the FlowGPT community. This milestone isn't just a number; it's a testament to the creativity, hard work, and commitment of our creators. We're genuinely excited to celebrate this achievement.
To honor those who have reached this milestone, we've designed a special physical trophy, which we'll be delivering right to their doorsteps. Let's meet some of these talented individuals and hear what they have to say about this recognition.
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"I began exploring AI for enjoyment and engagement, fueled by my fascination with new technology. The first encounter with AI left me in awe, prompting numerous self-reflections on its efficient utilization. Initially, I used it for coding and thesis writing, but later realized its potential in roleplay and RPG text games. I didn't stop there, I want more, I want it more realistic, I began adding images to the prompt, experimenting, and creating new methods. Eventually, I stumbled upon FlowGPT, a workspace I wish I had discovered earlier. I joined their event 'Hackathon S3' which is the first prompt creation event I have entered, it inspired me to create and learn while earning reward."
Here're some of his excellent prompts, give them a try:
Creator's Name: Weedman
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"Okay so I make all kinds of prompts, from advanced CoT tools to role-playing games. I want to see what the AI is capable of and use it in every facet of life. Flow makes creating a GPT very easy and is free and intuitive to use, and comes with a prompting community."
Explore some of his outstanding prompts:
Creator's Name: CreativeGPT
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"As soon as I realized the possibilities in prompt engineering, it turned into a deep passion, but something was still missing. FlowGPT filled the gap, making it all come together."
Check out these top-notch prompts from him :
Congrats to the above creators again. We look forward to you being the next 100K used prompt creators!

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